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A wealth of information on the issue covered by the current campaign — and why and how we should tackle it — can be accessed through EU-OSHA’s website.

Publications range from campaign info sheets on relevant topics to seminar and workshop summaries and comprehensive research reports (e.g. on the extent of the issue and associated costs, and current prevention policies and practice). Case studies provide real-life examples of how workplaces manage OSH, giving tips on the practical application of prevention measures.

Publications available (78)

21/06/2021 Type: Discussion papers 18 pages

Return to work after MSD-related sick leave in the context of psychosocial risks at work

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the health problems most frequently reported by workers and are responsible for a considerable proportion of sick leave. This discussion paper investigates the effect of psychosocial risk s on returning to work with an MSD. It...

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08/06/2021 Type: Reports 9 pages

Summary - Prolonged constrained standing postures: health effects and good practice advice

Prolonged standing in the same position poses health risk s, including musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and many other ailments. This report explores how common this constrained working posture is in Europe’s workplaces and the jobs and groups of workers most affected. It also...

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08/06/2021 Type: Reports 9 pages

Summary - Prolonged static sitting at work: health effects and good practice advice

Many jobs involve long periods of static sitting, which, combined with a sedentary lifestyle, is linked to ill health. This report examines the issues surrounding prolonged sitting at work, including the jobs and workers most affected, and identifies the health risk s posed,...

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07/06/2021 Type: Info sheets 4 pages

Get moving at work

Being more active at work can help to prevent health problems such as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and heart disease linked to sedentary work , and improve performance. This info sheet outlines the current health recommendations and contains simple tips for employers and...

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27/05/2021 Type: Presentations

On the move — MSDs and avoiding prolonged static sitting at work

This presentation highlights the dangers of prolonged sitting at work, with musculoskeletal pain, cardiovascular disease and cancer being just some of the associated problems. It outlines who is most at risk and gives handy tips and guidance for employers and workers to keep...

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